What is covered:Payment of compensation for legal costs, expenses, court awards due to any negligent act of the insured persons leading to death, injury to another person(s) and/or loss or damage to property of another person(s)
What can be insured:  Personal and Corporate Activities leading to legal liabilities towards the insured’s neighbour, visitors, customers, and guests and the general public who may come in contact with the insured’s premises and operations.

Details Required:       
Details of the Individual’s or Corporate Occupation/Operation.
Location of Insured Person’s Premises/Business/Operation.
Probable Legal Cost/Expense that may be incurred in one event.                                         
Probable Aggregate Legal Cost/Expenses incurable in a year.          


What is covered: Payment of compensation for legal costs, expenses, court awards due to professional negligent of the insured persons as individual or group of individuals.

Who can be insured: Professionals such as Doctors, Consultants, Nurses, Laboratory Technologists, Pharmacists, Architects, Quantity Surveryor, Engineers, Estate Agents, and Guilds as well as Associations. All those providing professional consultancy/advice whose action and inaction can lead to legal costs, expenses and court awards.

Details Required:    
Details of Individual’s or Corporate Occupation/Operation.
Location of Insured Persons Operation.
Probable Legal Cost/Expenses incurable in one event.                                                         
Probable Aggregate Legal Cost/Benefit incurable in a year. 

If you can please provide us with the  appropriate details required under each highlighted risk, we will promptly forward to you competitive premium quotes that will enable you appreciate the affordable cost of risk transfer mechanism that will make you take  appropriate decision on your insurable risks accordingly.


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