Many are unaware of the usefulness of life assurance products. But obviously many people, nowadays, are conversant with the desired benefits of investment for future needs.  But yet no one can be too sure that the future is certain to ensure realization of the desired benefits of investment dreams.

In recognition of this fact, SMOOTHWAY INSURANCE BROKERS LTD [duly registered professional insurance Brokers by National Insurance Commission (Naicom) and a member of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB)] is pleased to introduce to you this unique insurance product named CLAP. It is designed to meet and/or compliment your future dreams should the unexpected happens.


All young men and women between the ages of  18 and 55 years. It will cater for their

family needs in the event of an untimely death of that man or woman or following a fatal

accident needing hospitalization of the person insured.


Clap is a combination of insurance products that will pay you or your dependants:

  • A Lump Sum Benefit (Multiple of ₦250,000) in the event of untimely death.


  • A Lump Sum (Multiple of ₦250,000) in the event of an accident leading to Permanent Disability.


  • A Weekly Sum (Multiple of ₦5,000 weekly) in the event of temporary disability following an accident. This will be payable for 26 weeks


  • The Hospital Bill (in Multiple of N50,000) in the event of any form of accident leading to


  • The Burial Bill (in Multiple of N50,000) in the of event death and consequent burial expenses


  1. It is comparatively cheap, affordable, and reliable. Just imagine yourself paying only N3,600 annually to secure a bunch of benefits comprising 250,000 Lump Sum payment to your beneficiary in the event of your untimely death or to you due to permanent disability and 5,000 weekly for 26 weeks in the event of temporary disability as well as 50,000 hospital bill following an accident and another 50,000 for burial expenses
  2. It is the easiest and cheapest means to create an estate of wealth for dependants should the unexpected happens.
  3. It is a silent and secured means to protect ones family from the hardship that may befall them in the event of the premature death of the breadwinner.
  4. The benefits can be reviewed from time to time, in line with the economic reality of the nation.
  5. Can be arranged and enjoyed very easily just by clicking few buttons at the convenience of your home.